[mod_python] example seems clumsy

David Bear David.Bear at asu.edu
Mon Jun 5 20:11:56 EDT 2006

I've been looking at ways to get a full url into my script and all the
methods I see on the req object seem lacking in making this simple.

in the example on the web site there is a publisher script that has

def _base_url(req, ssl=0):
    see psp_site example for this function '''
    host = req.headers_in.get('host', req.server.server_hostname)
    if not ':' in host:
        port = req.connection.local_addr[1]
        if port != 80 and not ssl:
            host = "%s:%d" % (host, req.connection.local_addr[1])
    if ssl:
        base = 'https://' + host + req.uri
        base = 'http://' + host + req.uri
    return os.path.split(base)[0]

this seems really clunky -- and it is using some attributes on the req
object that don't seem to be documented on the web site. I suppose the
easy way to test where a request was made over ssl/tls is ?? seems it
set in the funtion call. Is req.connection.local_addr[1] the port
number? I can't seem to find this documented on the modpython site.

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