[mod_python] Installation bug? malformed version string caused by git

Grzegorz Kimbar g.kimbar at itb.pl
Mon Mar 23 22:43:50 UTC 2015


I've just completed the installation of mod_python-3.4.1 (form a .tgz) on a Raspberry\pi (Debian), but to do so I needed to remove $GIT part from version string inside \dist\version.sh Otherwise, the output of this script was two lines with the first line being an error output of git 

fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

This caused syntax error in the version.py and finally nonfunctional package.

Forgive me if this is something obvious, or I've made some basic mistake. I'm not quite sure what am I even doing. But at the end I've got a 'Hello World!'.

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