[mod_python] Paramiko connection to SFTP web-based client

Mark Brown Mark.Brown at greenskycredit.com
Thu Mar 11 17:09:05 EST 2010

Sorry that I am really, really new to Python but I have run into a wall and need some help:

Basically, I am trying to create a web-client for a sftp server.

You enter your user name and password and you authenticate against the sftp server, see a list of all the files on the server, can browse the server, and if you click on a link download the file.

I have tried several different methods to keep the network-resource in the session, but nothing thus far has worked. My research seems to indicate that in order to achieve this I would need to write a daemon that handles the connection, and pass the session id to the daemon to match connection to web request.

I have found some articles on how to turn a python script into a daemon, but I need some help understanding what is really going.
Anyways, the script  I have tested thus far using mod_python is below:

from mod_python import apache
from mod_python import Session
import paramiko

def handler(req):

            session['hits'] +=1
            req.write('From Session')
            t=paramiko.Transport(('[SERVER NAME],22))
            t.connect(username='[USER NAME]',password='[PASSWORD]')
            dirlist = sftp.listdir('.')
            req.write('New Session')

      req.write('Hits %d\n' % session['hits'])

      return apache.OK

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