[mod_python] Session management implementation in mod_python

K.Manikandan manikandank at tce.edu
Tue Mar 9 05:07:11 EST 2010

> Are the different webapps in different paths?
> besides c.domain, you also need/can set c.path = "/" (or whatever path,
> "/" might do the trick)
> since normally with the original Session.py is t's just adding
> PythonOption mod_python.session.application_path
> You need to set it to the same path in every index.py
> Martijn

Atlast, We got what we needed. I was able to get the cookie of one webapp
from the other. Thanks a lot.

Now, if we have two web applications in two different domains, then the
setting of cookie.domain will help right? We will try that.

We will get back if we have any other problems...

Manikandan K

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