Isolated: Was: [mod_python] ModPython + Virtual Hosting Apache2 instance = poor performance.

Christopher Sean Hilton chris at
Sun Mar 7 17:28:44 EST 2010

On Mar 7, 2010, at 4:28 AM, Graham Dumpleton wrote:

> FWIW, run mod_python with prefork Apache and with a configuration set
> up for PHP and static file hosting alone is a bad idea. Read:

I found this and did understand it. The practical issue for me is configuring FreeBSD to run with the Worker MPM but I can figure that out. In the end the issue is the prefork MPM and I will switch to using mod_wsgi + Worker MPM. But I still needed a short term solution. As far as this problem goes the earlier poster correctly identified it as a threading issue. I was able to rectify the performance issue by rebuild python w/out threads and rebuilding mod_python on top of the new python.

In the future, if you want FreeBSD + Apache + Mod_Python you would be well served to build Python without threads or use a different combination of tools to get the jog done.

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