[mod_python] Session management implementation in mod_python

K.Manikandan manikandank at tce.edu
Fri Mar 5 04:19:10 EST 2010

> I remembered there was an issue on this, which is fixed in MP 3.3.1
> If you have an older version look at the patch in
> http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MODPYTHON-149
> also have a look at the mod_python docs for python option
> mod_python.session.application_domain
> I think that will help you out
> Martijn

We are using mod-python 3.3.1 in debian lenny. We are aiming to get the
cookie that is set from webapp1 running in a system from another webapp2
in the same system. We create a cookie from webapp1, the browser shows it
with the domain as '.domain.com' (we had set it like that). Now when we
try to access the cookie from webapp2, it is not accessible. When i create
a cookie from webapp2, then this creates another cookie for the same
domain '.domain.com'. But the cookie of one webapp is not accessible from
the other.

Manikandan K

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