[mod_python] Session management implementation in mod_python

K.Manikandan manikandank at tce.edu
Thu Mar 4 11:27:43 EST 2010

> Can you tell me what the domains are, this is important to help you
> I think you mean:
> host1.domain.com
> host2.domain.com
> and you want to set the cookie for *.domain.com
> is that true?
> Martijn

Yes. We had set a cookie from host1.domain.com with its domain as
'.domain.com' .. After opening the 'host1/domain.com, the web browser
shows its cookie and its domain as '.domain.com/ .Now if we try to use

c = Cookie.get_cookies(req) from the host2.domain.com, the cookie is not
found. And of course the cookie that we had set for this host is

Manikandan K

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