[mod_python] migrating to mod_wsg

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 17:47:39 EST 2010

2010/3/2 Martijn Moeling <martijn at xs4us.nu>:
> Lu/Ruben and others.
> Some things I am working on...
> I have set up a SourceForge project called "mptomwsgi" and it can be found
> on http://mptomwsgi.sourceforge.net
> Please be patient, it has a CVS but no code uploaded yet.
> I have to do some work on the Session.Py since I forgot to mention I use
> SQLAclhemy and my mptomwsgi version is using that.
> The nice thing about SQLAlchemy (Database to Object mapper) is that it works
> on any Python DBAPI compatibe database. I have a MySQL Session object added
> to the original version too but that one is dependent on MP for now, I have
> to merge the two.
> At this point I have a seemingly good working Req object, with support for
> register_cleanup.
> I have no real Python package yet, and this adapter CANNOT be installed when
> Mod_Python is on the system since you will have to copy the files to the:
> python/site-packages/mod_python directory (for code compatibility)

There are ways around that. You can have it under some other namespace
and then in the adapter from WSGI you push module references direct
into sys.modules.


> you will get a sample index.wsgi and there you will have to do: import
> your_original_module_with_handler as app.
> Can you (Lu/Ruben) send me a message with what parts of MP you use and what
> OS you are on so I can work out what I have to do to help you with
> reasonable documentation?
> Some hints:
> Authentication
> stuff from mod_python.util like fieldstorage (which might just work, I just
> do not know at the moment)
> Are you using SQLAlchemy?
> etc.
> Be aware that I do not have looked into publisher (never ever used it), I
> have to bother Graham with that but for now I will not support that.
> Updates will follow soon!
> Martijn
> On Mar 1, 2010, at 10:18 AM, Lu wrote:
> Great!
> Thanks for your time,
> luca
> On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 12:29 AM, Martijn Moeling <martijn at xs4us.nu> wrote:
>> Please give me some time to build instructions and a zip file, I'm
>> extremely busy until next wednesday, I hope i can find the time to get it
>> done in between!
>> On Feb 25, 2010, at 12:08 PM, Lu wrote:
>>> I have written an adapter for mod_wsgi which is code compatible for
>>> Mod_python programs.
>>> My mod_python CMS runs now on top of mod_wsgi without any changes to the
>>> code.
>>> It is really small and consists of one index.wsgi to created the req
>>> object and call the handler and a "fake" python package for the apache.py,
>>> Session.Py, Cookie.py etc. (I did need to change some stuff in there)
>>> I did this for my own use since I like the Req object and to pass it
>>> around, so my code is very dependent on MP. I have completely turned over
>>> Session.Py for my own session management which stores in MySQL and has
>>> License stuff etc.
>>> I consider it Beta since I am the only one running it and do not touch
>>> all the code.
>>> This code is free to use by anybody (Be aware it should be GPL or so). At
>>> the moment there is no CVS or License simply because I do not have the time
>>> to set stuff like that up (never did that before). I just started coding
>>> Python with Eclipse and Pydev as preparation on starting CVS use.
>>> Drop me an email if u r interested I'll help you out using email/MSN
>>> Messenger/Skype etc
>> Hi Martijn,
>> I'm interested in your code, can you please sent to me a copy ?
>> thanks,
>> luca
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