[mod_python] package importing

Ivan Ricotti i.ricotti at elabor.biz
Thu Jun 24 05:43:10 EDT 2010


I'm exploring mod_python and I'm having trouble with the package importing.

I've a structure like this:

 <my base dir>
   +- __init__.py
   +- index.py
   +- package (directory)
       +- __init__.py
       +- package.py (file)

and an Apache Virtual Host like this:

 <VirtualHost *:80>

        ServerAdmin root at localhost
        ServerName myname
        DocumentRoot /path/to/my base dir

        <Location />
                DirectoryIndex index.html index.py
                Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks
                AddHandler mod_python .py
                PythonHandler mod_python.publisher


in the index.py file I've something like this:

    from package.package import myobject

When I load index.py from Apache, I get a 500 Internal Server Error as

    ImportError: No module named package.package

What am I doing wrong?


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