[mod_python] mod_wsgi (pid=88536): Unable to change working directory

mog lists at elasticmind.net
Tue Jan 12 18:11:32 EST 2010

On 12/01/2010 22:55, Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> By rights it perhaps shouldn't be an alert but a warning. You can 
> ignore it.
> It occurs because in daemon mode mod_wsgi will change working
> directory to the home directory of the user that the daemon process
> runs as. On your system, the default Apache user doesn't have a home
> directory and so the message. It will not stop anything from working.
> If you really want to get rid of it, then override home as you have
> done, setting it to '/tmp' even. Alternatively, create a dedicated
> user, or use another existing user account that does have a home
> directory, specifying the user/group options to WSGIDaemonProcess so
> that the daemon process runs as that user and not the default Apache
> user.

Ahh right, that totally makes sense. Thanks.

> Are you still loading mod_python into same Apache?
> You likely have a conflicting version of mod_python loaded which is
> causing problems. Disable mod_python and try again.

I removed the mod_python port and installed mod_wsgi-3.1 last night. 
There really shouldn't be any remnants of mod_python lurking around; but 
even if there are, I removed the mod_python LoadModule directive from 
httpd.conf and have stopped and restarted Apache numerous times - so it 
really should be gone.

> Please use mod_wsgi list in future as I already pointed out.

Oooops sorry, I don't remember any mention of that but I really should 
have thought to switch myself. I'll get myself subscribed to the 
mod_wsgi list pronto.

Thanks again everyone!

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