[mod_python] mod_python+trac+Leopard and 'process has forked, you must exec' error log

Thomas Clement thomascl at free.fr
Wed Jan 6 13:52:12 EST 2010


First, my configuration:
- Mac OS X Leopard 10.5
-  trac installed from MacPorts (with Python 2.6.4)
- mod_python 3.3.1 from sources
- Apache 2 built-in from Leopard

Everything is working pretty well except that I'm getting lots of this  
messages in the apache error log when browsing trac:

The process has forked and you cannot use this CoreFoundation  
functionality safely. You MUST exec().
Break on  
() to debug.

Apache does not crash however.

I have read that php could do that but it seems the php apache module  
is not loaded here.
Any idea?


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