[mod_python] migrating to mod_wsgi

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 20:53:52 EST 2010

On 17 February 2010 12:46, Alec Matusis <matusis at yahoo.com> wrote:
> We have a high traffic site (thousands HTTP requests per second),  that is
> written with mod_python and Cheetah.
> We are considering migrating some parts of it to mod_wsgi.
> I have a few questions:
> 1) is there a framework or middleware that we can set up, such that the
> existing code that works with mod_python would just work with mod_wsgi?
> 2) This is about new code, that is yet to be written.
> We only need two simple features from mod_python, namely cookie management,
> and parsing CGI variables submitted via web forms (no session management
> needed, etc). We also need some very basic templating functionality found in
> Cheetah (we could almost get away with string.Template class from pure
> Python, but I'd like to have if and for statements as in Cheetah). I would
> strongly prefer not to use any large framework like Django for several
> reasons (performance, unneeded complexity, security, etc).
> What is the best way to proceed: to wrap basic WSGI into our own
> light-weight cookie management and variable parsing classes, or is there a
> super light-weight and SIMPLE middleware that would do this?
> What would you recommend for templating? We do not want to commit to using
> anything project that would likely become inactive/unsupported soon.

On the latter question, have a look at Werkzeug. It is more of a
toolkit like mod_python was rather than a framework.

Web site is:



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