[mod_python] getaddrinfo and getnameinfo for IPv6

Margaret Frances mfrance2 at isc.upenn.edu
Mon Aug 16 09:27:05 EDT 2010


I am running Python's socket.getaddrinfo through mod_python in order to obtain IPv6 addresses from various IPv6 capable devices. Using this setup, I consistently get the error: (8, 'node name or service name not known').   Conversely, using getnameinfo to obtain a domain name from an IPv6 address consistently returns the IPv6 address rather than the name.  These problems don't existing with name resolution for IPv4 addresses.

I have traced this problem to mod-python: running getaddrinfo in a python interpreter or though cgi works fine and returns the expected IPv6 addresses. I'm able to get around these issues by spawning a child python process, but that's messy.

Does mod_python needs to be especially built with IPv6 support? If so, how do I do this; I have not seen anything in the documentation.


Thank you.

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