RE: [mod_python] Moving from mod_python to mod_wsgi -- what framework?‏ again

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Fri Sep 4 11:14:20 EDT 2009

Sorry Dave,

seems like my combination of Ubuntu+Firefox+Hotmail is resulting in e-mails being lost in the hyperspace :P


Now, writting from Windows+IE :o --- this was my original e-mail:


I have a very small mod_python project, and I want to move it to mod_wsgi. What I need is something simple to handle the sessions (like mod_python's Session() object) and don't really care about having to use another template engine than PSP.


I would like to know which framework do you guys use/recommend for this situation?


I tried Pylons but after two days and a dissapointing "hello world" containing more than 40 files, I concluded that is not what I want...

anyways, any suggestion?


Best regards,



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> ? What are you asking? There is no body content in your email.
> - e.g. what is your mod_python app like, that you want to convert?
> - what are the most important considerations for you in this process (e.g.
> speed, ease, flexibility, performance, etc.)
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