[mod_python] ConnectionHandler Problem and RPC protocols

Ufuk Haciogullari narsil7_ at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 4 21:27:31 EDT 2009

Hi all

I have been studying mod_python for a school project.I wanted to use python as my programming language.  It is about implementing all sorts of RPC protocols(from socket to SOAP,XML-RPC). There has to be only one client application but I am not sure how many servers can be. It wouldn't be too hard if I could have a server for each protocol. Anyway I wanted it to be as low-level as possible so I would have an understanding of how things work. In the end I thought if I had a ConnectionHandler as server side I could read the request decide what protocol it uses then call that procedure. This is the plan for now. Feel free to comment, I would appreciate some help

For now I can't get a ConnectionHandler working. I tried Req Handler and it worked just fine. When I try Connection Handler,I get an 'internal server error' . I did everything like it was described here: http://www.modpython.org/live/current/doc-html/pyapi-conn.html

I also added "AddHandler mod_python .py " to .htaccess but no success.  Maybe I did something wrong, couldn't find a similar problem in any mailing list

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