[mod_python] Help installing mod_python on OS X Leopard

Scott Zetlan scott at zetlan.net
Thu Jul 23 10:34:35 EDT 2009

On Jul 22, 2009, at 9:07 PM, Graham Dumpleton wrote:

> You are not doing anything wrong, even the mod_python code in
> subversion trunk is now not likely to build properly on newer MacOS X
> versions, especially with MacPorts and newer Python versions.
> My first question would be whether you really need to use mod_python?

I suppose not, but the development team I'm working with has a strong  
preference for python server pages for a particular project, and the  
creative team handling the front-end interface all uses Macs.  So  
getting a consolidated environment together on a single platform the  
creative staff can use is a priority.  I'm betting the development  
team could learn WSGI, but it's unknown whether the production  
platform supports it.

I'm unclear on the future of mod_python -- are you saying that it's  
going away, and being replaced (sort of) by mod_wsgi?  If so, then it  
would probably be foolish to start any new projects using PSP.

> If you are using a Python web application that supports WSGI, you
> would be better off using mod_wsgi as it has sorted out all these
> build issues for newest MacOS X versions and Python installations.
> Even then for certain combinations, and if wanting to use mod_wsgi
> 2.X, as opposed to mod_wsgi 3.0 release candidates, you need to drag
> down configure/Makefile from subversion repository to get it to build.
> There will be a mod_wsgi 2.6 which has more MacOS X build fixes soon
> though.

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