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Dave Britton dave at davebritton.com
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"I cant find out how
> to access the  posted string from mod python.

I need to do that a lot. The Request object has the form object which has a
list (named "list") of Fields that are filled with the cgi posted name-value
pairs as Field.name and Field.value. So req.form.list gives you this list to
use. I use this code:
def index(req):
  cgi={fieldname1:initialvalue1, fieldname2:initialvalue2...}
  for i in req.form.list: cgi[i.name]=i.value

Now I can access all my passed in posted data as cgi[fieldname]. Don't leave
out the initialization in case the user doesn't fill out a field or a
checkbox isn't checked, as req.form.list does not receive empty name-value
pairs at all, causing a key error if you reference cgi[missingfield].

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> Hi all,
> I have been using mod python for a while with 'GET', no problem,
> accessing values with
> func = req.form['val'] since I only need to pass one value.
> However I now need to use 'POST' since I have a lot bigger data
> 'blob'. I post it from the browsers javascript but I cant find out how
> to access the  posted string from mod python.
> I have googled and routed around but have not had any luck
> Can anyone help ?
> Cheers
> Dave
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