[mod_python] problem with input filter and POST data (fileupload)

Joerg jerch at rockborn.de
Mon Feb 16 09:42:07 EST 2009

addendum to my browser criticism (a bit off topic):

the more i dig into the web app universe, the clearer i get the following 

- the servers do a good job (mostly) -- to serve
- the clients (browsers) mess around with a crappy bunch of specs
no wrong, the specs are well defined but the implementations are awkward, see 
IE. but also the so called standard compliant browsers do many things very 
different. i know the problems with the backward compatibility, but these 
soft parser implementations only feed the "lets try to load file xy as a html 
doc" trolls (kinda vicious circle). not even google delivers well formed 
short example: any "modern" browser and xml with xslt. the specs are nearly 10 
years old but no browser can handle this right. (we tried to build a 
xml-document service on this and failed. now we have just another server 
component to do the transformations).
not to mention the javascript field. since 2003/2004 javascript becomes more 
and more important. but it takes 6 more years to write an interpreter with 
fundamental compiler building knowlegde in mind and to decouple it from the 
browser's main thread. wot a shame!
maybe the iron monkey approach of the mozilla guys will lighten the scene, 
maybe it will crash right into the security whole pot.

just my 2 cents, joerg

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