[mod_python] When will next version of mod_python be released?

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 20:17:32 EST 2009

2009/2/10 Dave Britton <dave at davebritton.com>:
> Graham
> Why has mod_python fallen by the wayside? When did this happen?

The last release of mod_python was about 2 years ago.

The changes in that release made it a lot more stable than it was
previously, especially for the main use case, which was people using
mod_python merely as a jumping off point for a separate Python web
framework or application.

The only changes made in subversion repository since then have been:

      Fix 'import' from same directory as PSP file.

      Fix prototype of optional exported function mp_release_interpreter().

      Fixed incorrect use of APR bucket brigades shown up by APR 1.3.2.

      Fixed MacOS X (10.5) Leopard 64 bit architecture problems.

Except for the first, which got tired of having to answer questions as
to why it didn't work, they all related to build problems.

In general people have been happy with the stability and no one
specifically has been seeking new features.

Even so, the number of bugs has accumulated.


Many of these were found when mod_wsgi was written and observed that
mod_python was doing many things wrong, or had bugs in how it was
doing it.

Obviously my personal focus is on mod_wsgi these days and not
interested in doing stuff on mod_python especially since its code base
is quite messy. The only other active developer on mod_python at time
of last release has also moved on and haven't heard from them in a
long time.

The original author of mod_python, who is still part of ASF project
management committee did contact me a while back about what was
happening and more or less told him the same thing, that mod_python is
starting to die a slow death. Never heard back from them so nothing
was done as far as trying to reinvigorate it or work out what its
future may be.

Interestingly, recently the ASF created http://attic.apache.org/. Thus
they are defining rules which which ASF projects would be declared
moribund. From memory mod_python is already in danger of meeting the
requirements which would see if marked end of life.

> What might it mean for those of us relying on mod_python applications?

For existing Python web applications which are bound to mod_python
specific higher level handlers such as mod_python.publisher or
mod_python.psp, the things do look a bit gloomy.

If you have a mod_python specific API purely at the interface layer
and internals of your application aren't dependent on mod_python, much
like how stuff like Django and Trac worked when mod_python was only
option, then you would be wise to refactor your interface to use WSGI
instead. That way you could use mod_wsgi, or a WSGI adapter for
fastcgi/scgi/ajp, or even a standalone Python WSGI server.

> What happens to people who want to build python backends to their websites?

The Python web community is very much going towards WSGI as interface
to web server. This allows for portability to different hosting
solutions. Thus, look at being compatible with that.

If you don't like the mega frameworks such as Django or TurboGears,
then look at more componentised toolkits such as Werkzeug, Paste and

> That is, what was the memo everyone but me got? Yikes!

I have been warning about this for a while now, not new. :-)

I may actually be part of the problem. Because I keep answering
questions people may assume it is being looked after when it isn't. Me
clearly stating that I am no longer involved and no longer answering
questions might be a wise step as it may flush out people who are
truly interested in taking over.


> -Dave
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>> 2009/2/10  <Scott.Chapman at verizonwireless.com>:
>> > I'm trying to compile mod_python 3.3.1 against Apache 2.2.11 and I'm
> getting
>> > this error:
>> >
>> > connobject.c: In function `_conn_read':
>> > connobject.c:142: error: request for member `next' in something not a
>> > structure or union
>> > apxs:Error: Command failed with rc=65536
>> >
>> > I understand that it's fixed in SVN:
>> > http://www.modpython.org/pipermail/mod_python/2008-October/025724.html
>> >
>> > I can't use a non-release version in production.
>> >
>> > Can you tell me when the next mod_python release will happen?
>> There are effectively no active developers working on mod_python at
>> the moment. I might if one is lucky fix build issues in subversion
>> code, but that is all. I still answer questions on the list, but
>> likely not much longer.
>> In other words, not likely any time soon. Even if work was done on in,
>> not sure one could muster enough votes per Apache Software Foundation
>> rules to approve it for release.
>> Overall the future of mod_python is quite uncertain and at this stage
>> probably quite certain that it will not get ported to Python 3.0
>> unless some enthusiastic white knight comes along. Even then, there is
>> quite a backlog of bugs to be fixed before a port could seriously be
>> considered.
>> BTW, if you are only wanting to host a WSGI capable application such
>> as Django, TurboGears, Trac etc, then use mod_wsgi instead. It is up
>> to date, still actively worked on and arguably will replace a lot of
>> the low level handler functionality of mod_python.
>> Graham
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