[mod_python] Django-mod_python taking time loading libraries

bharath venkatesh bharathv6.project at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 06:43:36 EST 2009


    Django with mod python  is taking time loading libraries . I am using
python  open source libraries like montylingua , simplejson and django is
time loading these libraries .

When django is run using python manage.py runserver first request takes time
but rest of the requests doesn't take time ( quite fast ) ,which  is
acceptable but when django is used along with apache and mod_python it takes
time as much time as django takes for first request  when run using python
manage.py runserver for almost every request.

How to avoid this as our performance is greatly hindered by this behaviour

is it possible to cache these external open source libraries  ?

Thanks in Advance,
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