[mod_python] Re: Cross compiling mod_python

Paul Herring pauljherring at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 05:10:25 EST 2008

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 9:17 AM, Graham Dumpleton
<graham.dumpleton at gmail.com> wrote:
>> cannot open /usr/local/conf/build/config_vars.mk: No such file or
>> directory at /f15_nsb/usr/local/bin/apxs line 218.
>> ./configure: line 2714: /: is a directory
> This indicates that the apxs installation you are trying to use is
> broken in some way.

It's not broken. It also shouldn't be executed as part of the build process....

> Specifically, appears to be looking in a location
> for its files where they aren't.


Assuming that I should be/could run  target binaries on the host
system, apxs needs to look in the target directory of
/f15_nsb/usr/local/conf/build/config_vars.mk, for the cross compile to
work ( - instead it's looking in the host directory.)  Yes I realise
that apxs is a perl script, but further along in the configure script
it attempts to run httpd. Something that almost certainly shouldn't be
executed on the host during a cross compile.

This goes back to my earlier comment about the ./configure script
trying to run the target binaries/whatever.

> On the command line run:
>  /f15_nsb/usr/local/bin/apxs -q LIBDIR

On the host system:

cannot open /usr/local/conf/build/config_vars.mk: No such file or
directory at /f15_nsb/usr/local/bin/apxs line 218.

> If that errors, then definitely broken.

It's not broken, it's just being run under circumstances it shouldn't.
It works fine when run on the target.

In summary, during the build process:

1) I can't use the target version of apxs, since it's not running on
the target (and cannot find the files it needs in the places it
expects them.)
2) I can't use the local/host version of apxs, since it doesn't refer
to the version of apache that will be on the target system.

I'm currently looking into modifying configure.in to be able to supply
overrides to everything that currently uses target binaries, in much
the same way that httpd does.


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