[mod_python] Cross compiling mod_python

Paul Herring pauljherring at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 23:17:59 EST 2008

Forgive me if this either
1) has been asked before, but I've found nothing on google
for example, along with general searches involving the terms
'mod_python', 'module', 'apache', 'apxs', and 'cross-compile'.)
2) is off topic, in which case I'd be grateful for pointers to the
right place to ask.

I'm cross-compiling a system, and have successfully (after a steep
learning curve) managed to get both python and apache to compile to
the target system, however I've hit a barrier when trying to
cross-compile mod-python.

After examining the error messages (no apxs, can't find the apache
config when the target version of apxs is supplied) and the configure
script itself, it would appear that the configure process requires
output from pre-existing binaries.

Now since I'm cross-compiling, the target binaries aren't necessarily
able to run on the compiling system (in this case they can, but , for
example, apxs is expecting a configuration file in a place where it
doesn't exist on the build system,) so the configure script cannot
really be expected to run them, but I cannot find any way of
overriding the need to run the binaries (unlike, say, apache where you
can supply expected answers/override this behaviour on the ./configure

Am I missing something rather obvious in how to cross-compile this
module, or do I have to resort to 'tweaking' the configure script so
that I can override this behaviour?

Apologies for the lack of detail for the moment (especially version
numbers, command line invocations and output/error messages;) I'm not
at work where the system is. I can provide more detail if required,
and will probably follow up this message when I do get to work.



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