[mod_python] htmltmpl pickle error with mod_python

Adam adam at fastmail.com.au
Mon Nov 3 07:25:59 EST 2008

I'm trying to use htmltmpl under modpython and I'm having some issues. 
When I try and visit my cgi page I receive the error:

TemplateError: Htmltmpl error: Pickling error while saving precompiled template '/var/www/localhost/BDNS/content/./templates/summary.tmplc': Can't pickle _mp_9c83a5362036140a49a9284aab391a5d.Template: import of module _mp_9c83a5362036140a49a9284aab391a5d failed

When I run the scripts as CGI it has no troubles with the templates, so 
I'm not sure why the problem only happens under mod_python

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