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Tue May 27 15:01:21 EDT 2008

I don't know about reading all of your environment variables, but you may
define (redefine) the necessary ones in your Apache configuration files
with the PassEnv directive. I'll refer you to the Apache docs for the

Elias Collas

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                                       [mod_python] Apache User Profile    
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This may not have much to do with mod_python, but I suspect that some of
you may have run into the same problem as I have.

I am using mod_python to execute a script from a remote client via a web
request.  For example:

import subprocess

def index(req):
                return “success”

So that when a request is made to www.mysite.com/startScript it will
execute scriptName on the server.  I have many global variables that are
defined within /etc/profile that are required for scriptName to function
properly.  When I log into the shell, I can execute scriptName without
error.  Unfortunately, when the web request is made and the process is
started under the apache user, the global variables do not exist and the
script fails.

Does the apache user not recognize /etc/profile?  If not, where can I set
these global variables (besides within the script itself)?

Thanks for any help!

Joseph Bernhardt
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