[mod_python] problems in browser

rahul rahul.warhekar at edisphere.com
Sun May 25 07:28:56 EDT 2008

I am having Apache/2.0.55 (Win32) and mod_python 3.2.8 and i am using
windows xp with Internet explorer 7.0.5730.11
and mozilla

actually what i am doing

i ahve one variable as session['filter'] and on click of button i am
deleting data of that session variable.
and construct is on button click i call submitform("path") and do
session['filter']="" and go back to previous page
where i am displaying variables value
but internet explorer only does it once after that it do not clear the
displayed value while mozilla do it

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For starters, post small self contained example of code which triggers
the issue.

Second, explain what your Apache/mod_python setup is. Ie.,
Windows/UNIX, winnt/prefork/worker MPM.

Third show any debugging output you have which helps to explain the problem.

Without stuff like that, anyone trying to help would just be guessing.


2008/5/25 rahul <rahul.warhekar at edisphere.com>:
> hello all
> When i am using mozilla firefox browser my session variables are working
> well
> ie. when i delete data from session variable it gets properly deleted but
> when i use
> Internet Explorer at first data get deleted but for second time it wont
> works
> so if any on has any information regarding this  will be greatly
> thanks and regards
> rahul
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