[mod_python] problem while fetching data from database

rahul rahul.warhekar at edisphere.com
Sat May 24 01:48:44 EDT 2008

hello sir,

Actually what is happening is

I have connected to oracle 10g using python and have trying to retrieve some
data from database.
But when i run query for fetching data on sql+ of oracle 10g interface it
giving me results in
just couple of seconds but when i use same query through python it consumes
more than 20 minutes
to display output in ui.ui is displaying only 25 messages at a time.

I look for following but found no problem
1) Execution plan for query.(it is good one)
2) chaeck for program(working fine)
3) No oracle problem

I am having 25 lacs messages in table

please help if any one have solution / Information regarding this problem


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