[mod_python] mod_pytyon, OSX, and PIL, oh my!

Jon McKamey jmcKamey at neatreceipts.com
Tue May 13 09:27:36 EDT 2008


Hey all. This is mod_python PIL integration issues. I tried sending it
to PIL list as well, but I'm not getting any success there.


I'm trying to get PIL and mod_python to run on Apache2 on a Mac running
OSX 10.5*  I am to the point where PIL has been rebuilt for the 4 target
processors.   If I run otool on it, I get the list of modules it loads,
and not all of them are built for the 4 processors, some of which appear
to be OS built-in libraries.


So, the point I am stuck at:  It's not clear to me how and what to do to
rebuild those modules, and it's not clear to me if it's even safe to
rebuild and replace those modules with 4 processor versions of the
files.  Has anyone reading this done this before?  Is that safe to do?
If not, what are the risks? And if so, can anyone recommend a toolset to
do the rebuilding?  Macports? Download the source and go? Any other
suggestions or advice on this tricky topic?


Thanks in advance for any and all help. Mod_python and PIL rocks, and I
can't wait to (finally) get it integrated into Apache.


Hack on,

- Jon McKamey


 * To give some background, httpd is on OSX is build with 4 target
processors, so everything loaded by it (mod_python, PIL, etc) has to be
built to handle all 4 target processors.  Including all PIL and it's



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