[mod_python] Cannot get mod_python to work with apache 2.2

Joseph Sliz jsliz at fluentenergy.com
Fri Mar 14 16:13:51 EDT 2008

I have the following:


Python 2.4

Apache 2.2.8

Mod_python 3.3.1

Win XP Prof sp2


I was receiving an error when try to restart apache after loading mod_python
stating that the apache could not find the mod_python.so module.  I did some
research and discovered Apache might not be finding one of the DLL's it
relies on.  I also found out that python24.dll,  msvcr71.dll  and
msvcp71.dll might be the ones Apache isn't finding.  The fix to this would
be to make sure my python directory and the runtime DLLs can be found on my
PATH  variable.  Now I understand that the runtime DLLs are normally copied
to my python directory and putting my python directory on my PATH  variable
should fix this problem, the only problem is that I don't know how to do
this..as I am new to python.  


Can anyone help me with this.   Also, how do I make sure that the user which
is running Apache has its' PATH variable properly set???


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Joseph Sliz, Jr.

Data Analyst/Programmer

Fluent Energy

Ph: 716-842-1710 x209

Fax: 716-842-1705

jsliz at fluentenergy.com


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