[mod_python] [Pywebsvcs-talk] Spontaneous 404

Joseph Bernhardt joe at incomps.com
Wed Mar 12 13:27:33 EDT 2008

> > All sent requests are exactly alike; including url, cookies, etc.
> The
> > access log reports either a 200 or 404 error, consistent upon what
> was sent
> > to the client.  Again, there is no rhyme or rhythm to it.  The 404's
> just
> > seem to be more prevalent when system processes exceed 90% of
> resources.
> > Curiously, the error log does not reflect these 404's (no 'File does
> not
> > exist:' or 'mod_python.publisher:' errors).
> That's consistent when a handler is defined. There will be no such
> error
> logged if SetHandler or AddHandler expects to handle that location or
> file extension, but the 404 will be recorded in your access log.

Ahh.  That's new to me.  Thanks for that info!

> I don't have an immediate one to offer, although I would suggest a
> first
> step in trying the latest version of mod_python, 3.3.1. Unfortunately,
> you may have to tweak your code in some places, depending on your
> usage,
> so you could end up troubleshooting more than one problem. Perhaps you
> can set up a test environment using virtual servers that duplicates
> your
> production environment closely enough to put some load on it (by
> reducing available memory, for example). If the problem is resource
> related, can you still add RAM to your production machine?

Thanks again.  We'll try to upgrade to 3.3.1 soon and will let you know how
that goes.  Unfortunately, the production machine is nearly maxed out, which
is why the upgrade will include a second machine dedicated to the database.
These problems caused by a lack of resources are not isolated to Python, by
any means, so the upgrade is imminent whether the version upgrade solves the
404 problem or not.


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