[mod_python] [Pywebsvcs-talk] Spontaneous 404

Joseph Bernhardt joe at incomps.com
Wed Mar 12 12:32:41 EDT 2008

> 404 errors are either traversal errors or outright incorrect requests.
> Look in your logs to see if there is a common pattern with the 404
> requests. If possible, access them directly to see if they work. If you
> believe that the same URL works randomly, find evidence of success &
> failure for the same request in the logs. Don't rule out a problem with
> the application itself, especially if it incorrectly constructs
> relative
> URLs based on user input (such as the presence or absence of closing
> slashes).


Thank you for the response.  I should have included more information in my
original message.

All sent requests are exactly alike; including url, cookies, etc.  The
access log reports either a 200 or 404 error, consistent upon what was sent
to the client.  Again, there is no rhyme or rhythm to it.  The 404's just
seem to be more prevalent when system processes exceed 90% of resources.
Curiously, the error log does not reflect these 404's (no 'File does not
exist:' or 'mod_python.publisher:' errors).

While doing a little research, I had discovered this particular instance
back in 2003:


which relates to our problem almost perfectly.  Unfortunately, there are no
provided solutions.  


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