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Joseph Bernhardt joe at incomps.com
Wed Mar 12 10:55:28 EDT 2008

We're running a LAMP server (RHEL) with Python v2.5 and mod_python v3.1.3 to
control some smaller, web-based transactions for our company (publisher
handler; if that makes any difference).  Larger transactions are run in
combination between client applications contacting either Python apps or the
MySQL database directly on the server.  Unfortunately, these large
transactions are processing giants that cause problems with such an
underrated server.   We realize this is the blunt of our problem and are
working on upgrades which may help in the future.  


My question deals with suggestions on what to do in the mean time.   I'm not
sure if this would be an Apache or mod_python problem, but am assuming  the
latter.   During processing of a large server application (either MySQL or
Python oriented), requests made to our mod_python enabled websites are
spontaneously returned as 404 errors.  Has anyone else experienced such odd
behavior?  And, if so, how was it dealt with?  One would assume that a 404
error would indicate either a problem with the mod_python application
itself, or in that the file does not exist on the server.  But, this
behavior (working correctly more than half the time) suggests something


Thank you in advance for any help that may be supplied.


Joseph Bernhardt

Nobody Important

Incomprehensibilities, Inc.

406.587.9564 - Office

413.431.8201 - Fax

joe at incomps.com


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