[mod_python] Apaches and Pythons and Tigers, oh my!

cindy mason grasshopperwisdom at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 09:50:47 EDT 2008

I would like to address this email because not just 4 weeks ago
I was in the same situation.  Although luckily I did not touch
2.3  The installs went ok.  BUt I was never able to use Django,
since it depended on mysql, and the mysqldb failed.

The problems I was having were the same.  I never got the answers
as to where/what  path vars needed to be set, any init files, etc.
so that the ensemble of python, mysql, and django would orchestrate

2.5 has the advantage of having sqlite in it.   If I was going to
do it again, starting with Django, I'd have tried to find someone
who had gone through installing on OSX before.   It seems such a 
let down to think this is such a great language, and then not
be able to get it installed.

I understand that on linix boxes, this is not a problem.

Since OSX is the best machine environment I have ever used in my
life, and I have installed dozens of other languages, tools, sw,
on this and other platforms, I would have to conclude that the
install of the Django setup on OSX requires in-depth sys admin
knowledge that is not in the documentation...  hitting a landmine
like you did is unacceptable to me as a user.   

This kind of situation costs our country and each of us HUGE 
amounts of wasted time.   Viruses are bad enough.  But the time
it takes to recover from such problems is wasted time that we
could have been doing something productive.

That's my two cents.

Remember, you can always fall back on perl.   That will still work.


I do plan to try python in the future, but only if someone else
who knows how to do it, and has done it, sets the system up.
Its a MAJOR process on OSX apparently.

--- Graham Dumpleton <graham.dumpleton at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 09/03/2008, Ben Davies <omarshariffdontlikeit at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Can anyone help me? I've been fiddling about with this mess for
> about 48
> > hours now and I'm so close to getting this working I can taste it!
> Heres a
> > quick summary:
> >
> > - I may have installed python 2.3 in the past
> No you didn't, it came with the operating system.
> >  - I installed python 2.5, but it appears that it did not replace
> all the
> > references to 2.3, because
> I always recommend not installing a newer version of Python on MacOS
> X
> Tiger unless you know what you are doing. :-)
> > - apache/mod_python complains about a missing 2.3 framework, which
> > - I, in a spate of backspace frenzies, deleted, thinking I wouldn't
> need it,
> > cos I have 2.5 installed, which has its own framework files located
> > elsewhere
> Removing the OS supplied Python is a really bad idea and you may now
> have potentially broken parts of your operating system that depend on
> it. Unless you can copy back the bits you deleted from another copy
> of
> same OS, you may have to reinstall the OS.
> In short, on MacOS X, you should never delete anything under
> /System/Library as this is the operating system area. Any user code
> packages should get installed under /Library if it did so and only
> really safe to remove stuff out of there, but only if again you have
> also removed any dependencies.
> After you have fixed your OS, personally I would suggest that since
> you are new to Python not to bother with mod_python initially.
> Instead, learn one of higher level frameworks such as Django or
> Pylons. These can be run with their own internal Python web servers.
> At lowest level they use WSGI which allows them to be deployed to
> various web hosting solutions if you ever get as far as a production
> system.
> So, first step is to get Python 2.3 working again. After that I'd
> even
> suggest you get rid of Python 2.5 and just use Python 2.3 for the
> time
> being. If learning Python you aren't going to miss much by doing
> this.
> Graham
> > Other than that, I'm impressed at how easy this has been so far :)
> Python
> > looks great, and mod_python has some features that PHP just cant
> compete on
> > (creating custom apache filters in python? sweet!)
> >
> > Oh, and on top of all this, I suppose I should learn python itself
> :) Anyone
> > recommend any good books? I hear that the O'Rielly Programming
> Python book
> > is great.
> >
> > Thanks for your help, in advance!
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Ben
> >
> >
> >
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