[mod_python] Writing an Handler for this purpose ??

Nilesh Govindrajan admin at itech7.com
Sun Mar 9 10:14:28 EDT 2008

I am soon going to start developing my site in Python and KID after my
 exams are over. I need some help in writing a handler. I am describing
 my question here. Please help me!

Suppose there is a KID template called home.html

Now when a visitor requests home.html ; mod_python's handler should
 load the file using the handler without changing the URL.

The same handler should be able to load any such requested page like

Any idea about this ?
PS: I need a complete custom system; so I will build it on my own.
 If I had to use some prebuilt CMS then why the hell I would learn
 Programming ?

Nilesh G
India Technologies Administrator

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