[mod_python] OS X install mod_python w/o MacPorts

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 19:56:32 EST 2008

On 04/03/2008, Wilden Mark <mark at mwilden.com> wrote:
>  > Now, as to whether you can get mod_python working without MacPorts or
>  > fink will depend on what version of MacOS X you are running. If using
>  > 10.4, can't be easily done unless you install Apache 2.2 yourself from
>  > source code. If using 10.5, can be done, but requires some manual
>  > changes to be made to makefiles if you are running with a 64bit Intel
>  > (maybe 64bit PPC as well) chip.
>  >
>  > Tell us what chip and OS version you are using and can be more
>  > specific about mod_python.
> Thanks, Graham - your help is much appreciated! I'm running Mac OS X
>  10.5.2 on an Intel 32-bit processor (MacBook Pro).

Is that an old MacBook Pro? Recent ones have 64bit chip.

> Of course, I have a
>  message posted on the macports-users list, as well as a cry for help
>  to the guy who convinced me to switch from Windows to OS X in the
>  first place. :)

If you are running 10.5.2 on an Intel 32bit processor then you should
be able to build mod_python from source tarball directly against the
version of Apache and Python supplied with Leopard.

Thus, fetch down tarball and unpack it. Then to make sure MacPorts
isn't screwing things up by being found first, run configure as:

  ./configure --with-python=/usr/bin/python --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs


  sudo make install

Finally configure Apache to use mod_python.

Do be aware though that if trying to run that same module, compiled as
32 bit, on a 64 bit chip running Leopard, you will still run into the
problems talked about in that mod_wsgi on MacOS X document I pointed
you to.

Anyway, just try building it against standard OS Python and Apache and
if there are problems get back to us.


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