[mod_python] mod_python version compatibilities

rahul Rahul.G.Nair at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 3 05:21:39 EST 2008

| Is there also a symlink for the libpython2.4.so in the
| lib/python2.4/config directory along side the libpython2.4.a file.
| This is the problem. If the symlink isn't in that location also, when
| -L for config directory is used it will only find the static library
| and so mod_python and mod_wsgi end up being really fat because of
| static library being embedded in them. This causes large memory
| footprints at runtime because of static library ended up private
| rather than being shared.

I didn't know this, It is not currently there. I will ask the
opensolaris python maintainer to add it.

Thanks. :)

| It is actually a fault of Python installation scripts that symlink
| isn't put there. Luckily these days, nearly all the Linux
| distributions know they need to put a symlink for the .so in the
| config directory as well so embedded systems can use it properly. Some
| still don't, thus why I thought to check what Solaris does.


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