[mod_python] semicolon problem

Michael Sanders m.r.sanders at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 04:41:19 EST 2008

kosa at heckler-koch.cz wrote:
> Clodoaldo wrote:
>> 2008/2/29, kosa at heckler-koch.cz <kosa at heckler-koch.cz>:
>>>  i have found out, that when sending text from our python based site 
>>> from
>>>  ajax to python i get lost all the strings after the semicolon.
>>>  for example if i wrote
>>>  hi;all
>>>  ajax will send me hi;all, but python receives only hi . I was searching
>>>  a while for some post/get errors with semicolon, but did not succeed. I
>>>  believe there should be some problem in our mod python handler or this
>>>  should be fixed on other place?
>> Are you using get? If so try replacing the ; for %3b and see if it helps.
> hi and thankx for fast answer.
> Yes i am using get. Unfortunately the part of ajax is black box for
> me(and i know ajax is escaping spaces and other characters, but not
> semicolon)
> so i am looking rather for python solution.

mod_python's "util.parse_qs" function treats ';' as a parameter 
delimiter for query strings (in addition to the usual '&'). There is 
some support for this behaviour in (for example) the HTML 4.01 spec:


Presumably the way round this it to parse the query string yourself, 
which I think you can access through the req.args attribute (see 


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