[mod_python] install question

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Sun Jun 15 22:08:35 EDT 2008

Russell Pearsall wrote, at 06/15/2008 09:04 PM:

> I am new to apache, and i am trying to setup a local server on my mac. 
> OSX comes with apache and python installed, but i can find out anywhere 
> if i have the python and apache include files, and if I don't where to 
> find them.

On Leopard, you should only need to install Xcode in order to install 
mod_python on a stock system. Then in the mod_python source directory, 
run the following commands:

  ./configure --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs
  sudo make install
  cd test/
  python test.py

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