[mod_python] mod-gnutls 'SSL_SRP_USER' and ModPython

Ambrose Andrews ambrose-bulk at vrvl.net
Sun Jul 27 03:46:19 EDT 2008

2008/7/27 Graham Dumpleton <graham.dumpleton at gmail.com>:
> Haven't mod_python code in front of me right now, but I suspect that
> if SSL_SRP_USER is being set to None, it is because in the underlying
> request_rec->subprocess_env in Apache C code, the value is referencing
> a null pointer rather than a valid string value. You would need to ask
> the module developers for the code that sets that variable in the
> first place why it is a null pointer and not an actual string value,
> even if it is an empty string value.

Thanks Graham.

> Also, the traceback suggests code:
>  os.environ.update(req.subprocess_env)
> is being executed. Again, don't have code to hand to look at, but me
> thinks that means you are running mod_python.cgihandler. If that is
> the case, I would really recommend you don't as the CGI handler in
> mod_python is quite a hack and shouldn't be used for any serious
> stuff. These days I'd suggest you port your CGI applications to use
> WSGI instead thereby not relying on os.environ as means of being
> passed request information in the first place.

the os.environ.update(req.subprocess_env) is in
django  (core/handlers/modpython.py)
- part of the django distribution.

Anyway I'll proceed on the assumption it is a module problem.

Thanks for the advice.


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