[mod_python] Regarding SAAS developement

Bart scarfboy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 05:55:32 EDT 2008

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 11:17 AM, rahul <rahul.warhekar at edisphere.com> wrote:
> If you mean to compare and contrast, we can't really say until you
> give us some aspect to comment on :)
> In that case I want to compare python & java.

You're still not saying how they should be compared. Programming
language choice generally doesn't matter, since good coders can write
good code in any decent language. While Java is not my favourite (and
not as hip as it used to be), it does fall into the decent category.

Language choice usually introduces relatively few constraints, say,
implications in your ability to find coders that are already
comfortable and/or able with the given language, general ease of
coding (python codes easier/faster than, say, C), ease of organization
(e.g. PHP gets messy fast), the availability of specific libraries
that allow rapid development of specific types of software, perhaps
the ease of finding (cheap) hosting online, and perhaps the ease with
which you can interact with other software, but that's all so general
that it comparisons still mostly depend on what you actually want to

> And also I would like to know more about "framework related to Service
> Oriented Architecture."
Looks like another business model (-based architecture, somewhat).
Read wikipedia? Buy a book on it? I'm a coder, not a manager :)


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