[mod_python] Can PSP.run can receive objects in return?

S.R.Parda linux at qbox.es
Thu Jul 3 03:58:15 EDT 2008

I needed at some points to include a .psp file selected dinamically.

I set the vars parameter for global variables to share. When parameter
it's a string, or integer it can be changed. 

When I send a variable with a None value and I expect to get in return
an object instanciated from a class inside of the called .psp, it
If I send an object with default values for its members (like None), and
make it global sending it in the run command, if doesn't work It remains
unchanged after the execution of the secondary .psp file.

I suspect, the problem could be that the second module import another
instance of the module where tha class is defined. And it's destroyed
after the second .psp file is executed.

Than You for your help,

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