[mod_python] Error codes

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 18:10:13 EST 2008

On 30/01/2008, Colin Fox <cfox at cfconsulting.ca> wrote:
> Colin Fox wrote:
> > I forgot to mention: apache.ERROR used to work, but no longer, so I need
> > to know what to substitute it with.
> >
> > Thanks!
> >   cf
> >
> Gah. Of course, right after I post this, I find the codes I was looking for.
> Could the mod_python manual be updated to have a direct link to the
> apache response codes? The codes are listed in section 4.2, but if you
> follow the ToC to the apache section (4.5) there is no mention of them,
> which my admittedly tiny brain found confusing.

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