[mod_python] Request for documentation change: please mention "req.form" SOMEWHERE in the main tree

Webb Sprague webb.sprague at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 22:36:00 EST 2008

I am currently documenting an application built with mod_python (it
has been great overall), and I would like to provide a link for a
description of "req.form", since I use it a lot, but its only mentions
are in the FAQ, in email archives, and in some random places like
changenotes and diffs.

Are those of us who use PublisherHandler in such a small minority that
req.form should be a mostly undocumented feature?

Interestingly the the following Google search  yields nothing in the
main documentation tree, and only 19 hits:

site:www.modpython.org  "req.form" -pipermail

But allowing for pipermail, we get nearly 300 hits that mention
req.form -- maybe we could save Graham some time if we just explained
it ...

I also realize I can download the docs and write a patch.  I probably
won't have time, but if this could go in a TODO or something, it might
flatten the learning curve for more users of mod_python later.

Thanks for everyone's time and patience.

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