[mod_python] can't seem to expire a cookie value

Matt Barnicle mattb at wageslavery.org
Tue Jan 22 15:09:50 EST 2008

> I fear that your work around might run into the same trouble with the
> paths if you are setting the login state to not-logged-in from the same
> context in which you are trying to expire you current cookie.

correct..  so what i'm doing now is setting the path to '/' for all of my

> You might try using:
>    PythonOption ApplicationPath /
> or for mod_python version 3.3:
>    mod_python.session.application_path /
> in your Apache config.
> In my experience it keeps cookies from my site at the root level without
> any path information.
> --Eric

thanks for the suggestion!  i think i will do that instead, makes for
easier coding..  i really don't plan on having separate cookies per path
in our app.

- m@

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