[mod_python] compile mod_python on iSeries (AS/400)

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 17:46:47 EST 2008

On 06/02/2008, Denes L <denes1951 at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> > Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> >
> > Are you truly trying to get mod_python running so you can use
> > mod_python features, or do you simply want a way of running Python web
> > applications under Apache and don't care about what the Python web
> > server API is?
> Currently I am able to use CGI (thru a program of my own) but that spawns a
> new Python interpreter process every time, resulting in slow response time
> and high resource use, a well known fact. PSP sounds very interesting,
> something to try and decide on. The Apache API might come in handy but is
> not a concern now. So in general mod_python seems to be an excellent
> alternative to improve on what I have.
> Any suggestions are welcome.

If using CGI now, personally I would suggest you convert your Python
CGI application to WSGI interface (www.wsgi.org) instead. Not only
will this give you a range of deployment options from CGI, mod_python,
mod_wsgi, FASTCGI, CGI, AJP and standalone Python web servers such as
contained in Paste, for Apache hosting you may find mod_wsgi
(www.modwsgi.org) easier to build given that it is all in one file and
doesn't have separate Python code components like mod_python does.


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