[mod_python] How to know a form name

zayer zayer at frikis.org
Sun Dec 21 11:49:07 EST 2008

Thanks you very much, Jason, but I prefer don't do that, all I want is
know the form name.
Forms have a 'name' attribute, so why I can't get it? FieldStorage or
req should let me know it.
Is that possible right know or not?

Jason Morgan wrote:
> Have you tried providing a different action for each of the forms,
> using your sever-side script to determine which action to take? E.g.,
> <!-- one -->
> <form name="article" action="/process?act=1" method="post" > ... </form>
> <!-- two -->
> <form name="file" action="/process?act=2" method="post"> ... </form>
> Then your script can process the posted data depending on whether
> act==1 or act==2 as provided by the client.
> HTH,
> ~ Jason Morgan

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