[mod_python] Output filters and 4xx error codes

Andrew Ryan andrewr at collab.net
Tue Dec 16 15:57:39 EST 2008

On 12/16/08 12:37 PM, "Graham Dumpleton" <graham.dumpleton at gmail.com> wrote:

> Post your Apache configuration snippet which shows in what context you
> are setting up your fixup handler, ie., what URL subset.

<Location /apps>
     PythonPath "sys.path + [ '/usr/local/cubit-mgr.runtime/cgi-bin',
     # Make sure we don't accept gzip, etc. When we filter, we need to
     # insure we're working with plaintext.
     RequestHeader unset Accept-Encoding
     PythonFixupHandler modpython_humproxy
     ErrorDocument 502 /cubit/Help/hum_502_page
     # Apache 2.2 seems to send a 503 for what 2.0 sent a 502 for (the
     # back-end page not being available)
     ErrorDocument 503 /cubit/Help/hum_502_page

> For error documents, is it falling back to builtin Apache error
> document strings or is ErrorDocument directive actually being set for
> that error type?

Should be falling back to the built-in error document string
(/error/HTTP_FORBIDDEN.html.var), because 403 ErrorDocument directive is not
set anywhere else in the configuration, in any URL space or at the server


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