[mod_python] Future of mod_python

Bozhin Zafirov bozhin.zafirov at gtvbg.tv
Fri Dec 5 06:46:32 EST 2008

Hi List, :-)

Having in mind that the latest version of mod_python is 3.3.1, released 
Feb-14-2007 (according to modpython.org) - this makes the project to 
seem a bit stalled. Anyone with more inside look on this matter?
Will it continue to develop, or is it doomed to die?
Also, now that python 3.0 is finally released (2 days ago, cheers!), 
will there be any efforts to make a new port of mod_python + python3?
I would be very happy to see it going forward, it's a really wonderful 
piece of software!

Best wishes to all:
Bozhin Zafirov

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