[mod_python] Database access problems

Peter Bleackley Peter.Bleackley at rd.bbc.co.uk
Fri Aug 29 09:34:57 EDT 2008

I'm currently setting up a web application, and am having a problem 
connecting to databases. Whenever I try to create a connection 
object, apache throws a segmentation fault and my client gets a 
zero-sized reply. The server runs Solaris 10, apache 2.2.9, 
mod_python 3.3.1, python 2.5.2. My database access is via pysqlite2 
(I've tried sqlite3, that didn't work either). The application runs 
under the publisher handler. I've checked that apache has the correct 
access permissions for the directory where the database resides, so 
that isn't the problem. Has anybody got any idea what's wrong.

Dr Peter J Bleackley
Research Engineer
BBC Research

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