[mod_python] PyODBC makes me crazy... Is mxODBC working good?

durumdara at gmail.com durumdara at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 06:03:17 EDT 2008


I have a mod_python based group of sites in a Win2k3 server.

Every of them uses PYODBC and DBISAM database. The DBISAM is needed 
because of I must access the existing datas.

The problem is that the new PYODBC (2.0.58) crashes the Apache.
But only in this server machine, in other machines I don't saw same 

The older version, the 2.0.52 is also crashes Apache, but 3-4 times in a 
month. The 2.0.58 do it in every 3-6 requests.

I don't know why, possible it is a memory releasing problem, or other 
thing... I don't know.

But I search for a solution.

Using another DataBase Server(for example: MySQL).
This is hard to do, because I need to recode the local databases too... :-(

Using another tool to Access ODBC. mxODBC the only possibility.

Using a special way to run an outer python module that makes a result.
It is a hard thing, because I must collect all of Query-s, Updates to 
one module that I call specially with outer Python. It is execute this 
module, and return with a result set, or other informations.
In this way I separate all of the Database operations, but possible not 
get the errors, because of native Python (and not modpy) interpreter.

I wanna ask that anybody have experience with mxODBC?
It have good price, but I don't wanna start a replace without any 
informations about it.

Thanks for your help in this problem:

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