[mod_python] need help solving some performance issues

Joseph Bernhardt joe at incomps.com
Thu Apr 10 15:02:46 EDT 2008

> The results of this un-scientific technique do not point to a
> particular area
> of the site.  I do know that there are 3 directory-type scripts that
> get
> hammered by the search engines.  The site has over 400,000 records in
> google
> and all of these pages are dynamically generated by these scripts.

Have you considered a static cache of these dynamically generated pages as
to not have a small number of scripts handling millions of requests for
thousands of individual pages, whereas the cache generation would be
performed by these scripts on a timed basis?   This would virtually
eliminate any page load issues your visitors may be experiencing.  Or, does
the page data need to accurate for time?

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